A Declaration

The history of Anguilla and its people embraces both a fierce spirit of pride, independence and self reliance and a deep concern for each other's welfare and well-being.

Free people giving freely of themselves to help their fellow citizens and doing so in a spirit of joy. Nothing better captures this remarkable dynamic than JOLLIFICATION, the unique term by which Anguillians describe the celebratory act of neighbors coming together to help neighbors.

The formation of The Anguilla Community Foundation signals and confirms that the spirit of jollification has found yet another way to express itself.

The community foundation will enable Anguillians to preserve and enhance the quality of life on our island, to strengthen the viability of non-governmental organizations as well as to foster the creation of new ones and to provide donors with the opportunity and means to fully express their charitable spirit.

May, 1999

Grant Guidlines

Any NGO, initiative or project which has a sustainable goal can apply for a grant from the Foundation. Grants to individuals are limited to scholarship assistance from endowed Funds so earmarked.

Applying for a grant involves completing a standard form. To see that form, click here. It is rare that the Foundation can cover the full costs of some project or initiative, so applicants must be prepared to identify other sources of funding. Budget information for the project must also be provided.

Applications are reviewed first by the Grants Committee. Usually someone from the Grants Committee will want to interview the project director or visit the project facilities. Once the Grants Committee has decided that the project is eligible for funding by the Foundation, the matter goes to the full Board.

Grants can be made at any time of the year, though historically, there are 3 periods a year when most of the grants are made, early Spring, mid-summer, and late fall. It often takes a few weeks for evaluation of a grant application.

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